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Q) What solutions can B.W. Staffing offer my business?

A) We are a solutions-based company independently run in Tucson with all decisions made locally. Examples of problems we can assist with include high turnover, finding candidates with specific skills, and needing a better work force.

Q) What benefits does B.W. Staffing offer your clients?

A) We manage and maintain billing issues, liability limits, workers' compensation, unemployment, and lack of applicants. We drug screen and background check our employees. 

Q) What sort of staffing does B.W. Staffing offer?

A) We offer either temporary or 90-day temp-to-hire employees, whatever your business needs are.


Q) How can I apply for a job?

A) We interview in office Monday-Friday 9am-3pm. Please call 520-393-3728 and speak with our personnel manager Eli to schedule your interview time.

Q) What do I need to bring with me to my interview?

A) Please bring 2 forms of ID such as a state issued ID, social security card, passport, birth certificate, tribal ID, etc.

Q) What is the pay schedule for employees?

A) Pay is every Friday for whatever was worked the week before.

Q) How can I turn in my timecard?

A) Timecards can be brought into the office during business hours, deposited through the mail slot after hours, or a clear picture emailed/texted to the personnel manager. Timecards must be turned in by Monday at 4pm following the week worked.

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