B.W. Staffing is a solutions based company.  We need more then the job requirements. We want to know:


1) Why is the job open?

A seasonal job opening is treated differently then a change in the business cycle.  Seasonal opening is fine for someone who doesnt want a permanent job, but the change in business cycle could mean this is a Temp-to-Hire position.  That could easy be two different people.


Examples of other areas we can help with our:  High turnover jobs, Cant find a specific skill, Affordable Care Act issues or You just want to build a better work force.


2) What probems or issues have you had with other Staffing Companies?

As an independent Tucson based staffing Company.  We can do what others can't and all decisions are made here locally.  Just because another staffing company said it can't be done, ask us.  We are a Solutions based company.


Examples of problems. Billing issues, Liablity Limits, Hazardous Jobs and Lack of response.


3)What Benefits do you offer your employees?

When I say benefits, I am talking about financial and non Financial.  Many times the non paying benefits are more important then the paying ones.  I think the biggest benefit company don't emphises is "Promote from within".  If you want highly motivated employee, hiring people who want to advance, "Promoting from within" is a huge benefit.  All benefits are important, but promoting individual benefits that are important to that individual leads to the best results.


These are all examples of "Placing People that Fit".  Helping us collect this information, will result in a better workforce and saving money. 


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