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About Us


B.W. Staffing is a Tucson based temporary employment staffing company dedicated to providing quality employees to fill your staffing needs. "Placing People That Fit" refers not only to placing people who have the skills and are qualified for the job but finding those people who fit and blend with the corporate culture. That extra step is the difference between a good employee and a great one.

In 2009, B. W. Staffing was born. We are dedicated to finding the right people for our clients, as well as providing a significant cost benefit. Under this formula, B.W. Staffing has thrived as we continue

to have record sales every year.


The owners, Scott Wright and Mark Kahn, bring extensive industry knowledge, as well as a broad understanding of manufacturing, technology, and sales. 

Scott Wright graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Finance and Economics. He started his career in the Temporary Help Industry in Tucson in 1986 as owner of a National Staffing Franchise. He grew the Tucson office to the top 10 percent of offices nationwide. Frustrated by all the rules set by the National Franchise, Scott felt he could better serve his clients as an independent staffing company owner. 

Mark Kahn graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Engineering. Mark has worked as an engineer, run his own successful computer business, and worked for Raytheon. He has a vast knowledge of technological issues, and an understanding of the skills those jobs require. 

Eli Renner joined in 2020 as our Personnel Manager. She brings wonderful energy to the office and is dedicated to the success and growth of B.W. Staffing. With a work background spanning different environments and management positions, she understands how to interact with clients and employees while helping to find the best fit. 

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