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B.W. Staffing has the tools to save you time, money, and aggravation.

Light Industrial:

labor, warehouse, construction, janitorial, skilled craftsmen and more.

Office and Clerical:

data entry, bookkeeping, A/R, A/P, payroll, secretarial, and administrative assistance.


Working for your success:

Qualified Employees


4 Hour Minimum

Our search covers the globe.

We can search near and far to find you the best employees.

We are ready to fill your job order.

We have the system in place to guarantee your satisfaction.

Check our prices,

save with B.W. Staffing.

Let us price compare our services. We both win.

Let us help your profits.

Save on overtime, staff based on production level, and save money.

B.W. Staffing, your local temporary employment service, is dedicated to your success. 

Call us for more information; we would like to meet you.

                                     Applications by appointment only; please call to schedule a time.

We are your Tucson connection for

clerical and light industrial temporary needs.


Locally Owned and Operated  

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